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Pan no Hana

Junco flora school was founded by Junco Hitomi in 1960ʼs. ' Luna Flora' is named for clay flower art that Junco has been developed since. ʼPan no hanaʼ is one of ʻLuna floraʼ and its origin. Generally, ʻPan no Hanaʼ is colored by oil paint and it is described as three dimensional oil painting flowers.

Basic Course

This course is designed to give students the best understanding for basic skills of ‘Pan no hana’.


Beginner 24 lessons (1lesson/2hours) 6 months period
Intermediate 24 lessons (1lesson/2hours) 6 months period
Advanced 24 lessons (1lesson/2hours) 6 months period
Instructor 24 lessons (1lesson/2hours) 6 months period

A certificate will be awarded upon successful course completion of each level. Instructor’s qualification can be applied upon completion of all level of the Basic Course.

Professional Course

This two years course (48 lessons/year) gives students the opportunity to learn advanced skills and techniques for creating various types of ‘Pan no Hana’.

A chief instructor’s qualification can be applied upon successful course completion.

Research Course

This one year course (48 lessons) is designed for those who wish to express their own imaginative ideas into artistic works using new techniques and new coloring methods.